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"This exceptional book describes the manner in which manned spaceships will fly to the Moon (and return!) for most likely decades to come." (David R. Scott, Commander, Apollo 15)

Over forty years has elapsed since the Apollo programme achieved its goal of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth, yet it remains the only instance of human lunar exploration. To explain how it was achieved, How Apollo Flew to the Moon weaves technical descriptions of the missions into a narrative which follows a composite flight from launch to splashdown. It is a strong all-round guide to the flights and will appeal to anyone who is interested in the subject at any level.

At over 500 pages, and with a new foreword by David Scott, the New and Expanded Edition is 25% bigger than the first, with more colour photographs throughout. There are additional tales of Apollo’s engineering both on the surface of the Moon and during the flights.

“How Apollo Flew to the Moon is the consummate technical narrative about the Apollo lunar program for the non-technical reader. … for those who have a long-held interest in the Apollo program and always wondered how things worked, this is a treasure trove. … is not only a fun and accessible tech-read but also a very valuable reference book, where you will find detail and minutiae that is difficult to find anywhere else. … no comparable work which is so accessible or rewarding to read.” (Rod Pyle, Quest, Vol. 19 (3), 2012)

  How Apollo Flew to the Moon

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